This becomes crucial when teens are moving toward high school and considering higher education choices. The founder has benefitted greatly from educational opportunities and realized that talking about the inequity was just NOT enough.


Urban Freshman evolved after the founder recognized the need for all children to have easier access to resources available to enroll in college and that the current process was not a simple one. This is because there are so many websites and so much information out there, that it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s also the added challenge of the many financial resources that one has to tackle AFTER dealing with just the university and college resources. I get overwhelmed just thinking about this.


The college and university application process can be difficult for parents that have the means but for parents with financial challenges, it can be almost an insurmountable obstacle. So, the ultimate goal for creating Urban Freshman, was to provide kids and parents with the opportunity to make the entire college enrollment process easier, from selection to financial aid. Urban Freshman allows students and parents to check out universities, get financial aid information, access tips on filling out college applications, college testing and a variety of other information geared toward higher education, all on ONE website.